Weekly Events

Weekly Events at Longburrow Hall

STOKENCHURCH DAY CENTRE - Monday and Wednesday - 10:00am

The Day Centre meets every Monday and Wednesday from 10am providing activities and a light meal for the elderly in our village and the surrounding area. The Community Bus will collect and drop off if required.

For more details contact Alan Purslow on 01494 483937 or 07768 287806.

KYUSHINDO KARATE - Tuesday - 7:15pm

This is a weekly group which masters in a mixture of Chinese & Japanese karate. It meets every Tuesday evening.

It is a non contact sport and if you are interested then please come along in tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt for a great form of exercise!

For more information contact Norman West on 07879 244851.

SHOTOKAN KARATE - Wednesdays & Friday - 7:30pm

This is a traditional form of Karate where the group meet every Friday evening. If you are interested then turn up on the night wearing tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt but please remove all jewellery and socks and shoes once in the class.

For more information contact Fran on 07742 577138.

JUNIOR MUSICAL THEATRE 6-12 YEARS - Sunday - 11:00am to 12:00 noon

This class is focussed on perfecting & performing musical theatre numbers; anything from Rodgers & Hammerstein to Andrew Lloyd Webber. A mixture of jazz & vocal techniques, as well as a variety of routines; perfect for anyone who wants to sing & dance & have an hour of fun!

Call today for more information & to book your trial class on 07583 942447/ info@thebarracademy.co.uk or visit the website on www.thebarracademy.co.uk.

STOKENCHURCH LUNCH AND SOCIAL CLUB - Monday and Wednesday - 10am to 2:30pm

Do you have a friend or relative who might benefit from joining us at the Stokenchurch lunch and social club?

We meet every Monday and Wednesday between 10am and 2:30pm in Longburrow Hall. There's tea and coffee with toast and biscuits, board games, a freshly-cooked meal, quizzes, visiting entertainers, trips out, sing-songs and BINGO!! Always followed by cakes with more tea and coffee.

It's great fun and beats daytime TV! For more information give Alan a call on 01494 483937 or 07768 287 806?

Monthly events and Longburrow Hall

STOKENCHURCH WINE & BEER CIRCLE - 2nd Tuesday of each month - 7:30pm to 10:00pm - Longburrow Hall

This is a group of people who get together every second Tuesday of the month in the small hall of Longburrow from 7.30pm until 10pm. The meetings are varied with invited speakers, wine & beer tasting and occassional cooking demonstrations.

For further information please contact Sue on 01494 483272.